Reconditioned HPLC, GC, UV Spec & FTIR

1100 G1361A
200 (Grey)
1100 G1311A
1100 G1376A
M 515
2488 MUX
SCL-10A vp

This page is our shop window for refurbished HPLC, GC, UV Spec & FTIR equipment.

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For full GC-MS & LC-MS systems, please visit here.

For Acquity & Agilent UHPLC systems (as well as 6890 GCs), please visit here.

Serviced in the UK and shipped to over 70 countries worldwide, our refurbished instruments are backed with an expertise built over 40 years in maintaining chromatography equipment for some of the world's most respected pharmaceutical companies.

From leading manufacturers such as Agilent, Waters, Dionex, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Merck-Hitachi and Thermo, we pride ourselves in providing high quality used instrumentation that come fully working as standard, and with full OQ certification.

Every solution is available for purchase or exchange, allowing you to equip your laboratory in the most cost-effective way.